mercredi 4 avril 2012

Samples: to buy or not?

Definitely my most wanted beauty product of the moment
I got a sample at the local aesthetic center, tested this week and I'm in lo-o-ove.

Did you buy this product, or bought products after getting free samples?

mercredi 28 mars 2012

LUSH review

Since I'm a huge Lush fan, I decided to do a review on a couple of products I tested, liked, repurshased and those I totally disliked.

UP: Skin water:Une Bouffée d'Air Frais ; Shampoos: Pink 'Pousse Plus Vite' - Yellow 'Trichomania' - Bottle: 'Retour dans le droit chemin' ; Conditioner: Veganese - (Vive la) Revolution! - Rafistoleur
DOWN: Skin: Aqua Marina - Or Noir - Angels on bare skin - Ramoneur ; Lips: Gourmandise ; Feet: Volcano ; Body: Copacabana scrub

Products I cannot live without
Angels on a bare skin
Pousse Plus Vite
Retour dans le droit chemin
(Vive la) Revolution!

Products I will never repurshase
L'Or Noir
I really have a dry skin and after having used 2 pots of Aqua Marine, I felt like my skin needed some change because it got used to it (if you understand what I mean). Also, I don't like the smell of the Aqua Marina face wash.. Angels on a Bare Skin is the ideal product for really dry skin with some blackheads ans oily nose.

Pousse Plus Vite is a hard shampoo I started using last week, so I only used it 3 times (it's a complementary shampoo so you don't want to use it every time you wash your hair) but I really feel like my hair is healthier and my scalp is less dry
Retour dans le droit chemin saved my lenghts after one week of skiing with -20°C! My hair literally was frozen every day !
I absolutely fell in love with the vanilla smell of the Revolution! conditioner and with the way it softens my hair and make it shine
Gourmandise is a lip scrub with vanilla and chocolate flavour. That's just delicious !
Volcano is my number one favorite, because it just freshens up my feet and the sensation is absolutely fabulous. I have a part-time job next to my studies and I'm always walking, which causes me burning feet and some aches. When I come home, I apply volcano as a foot mask and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Seriously, try it out.. It's a-we-some !
Copacabana is my number two favorite Lush product because it smoothens my skin really deeply and scrubs it too. I love that 2-in-1 concept and the smell is just to fall for.

I will not repurshase the Rafistoleur (retreat) conditioner because I have diacolored hair and it just looks like my hair is greeny every time I used that conditioner. Plus, I expected more of that product. A little disappointed ..
Trichomania is a shampoo that you'll always find in my shower, because of that gorgeous smell! But I feel like it dries my hair out, which is the total opposite of what it should do!
L'or Noir is a black face scrub and it simply is too harsh for my skintype. Except the unattractive smell, it is a great product for appropriate skin.

I hope you enjoyed this 'short' review and if you have any questions or suggestions about Lush products, comment below 

Ps: I didn't reviewed the Lush Bath Bombs because I tried only three of them and I also use Lemon Fluttery for my cuticles. I love it for the effect, I hate it for the smell ..

mercredi 7 mars 2012

Chiara Ferragni Boots s/s 2012 Collection

1. Sweater Grey Star by Second Female, €64.95 - 2. Short Pigh by SuperTrash, €79.95 - 3. Silver Gun ring by Club Manhattan, €17.95 - 4. Sergio Rossi Ballerina's - 5. Olsen's wavy hair - 6. White jade gemstone bracelet by , $25.90 - 7. Pretty Boots for the s/s 2012 collection by Chiara Ferragni 

samedi 18 février 2012

Soon-to-be dressing

I decided I need a bigger place to store my clothes, bags and shoes, since all the closets in my room are full. Since my room is on the last floor of our home, I chose one of the little rooms next to it and make it over.

This is how the room looks like. It's 4x4m big.

This is the other side of the room & there's a little window on the left too.

This may be the biggest problem ... Err, I totally need to find some wood that would fit this hole!

Transformations started past monday, and I definitely did a great job till now, I just need to fix that hole problem and I can start painting next week !

jeudi 12 janvier 2012

Valentine's day: Boys & Girls wishlist

Hi everyone,

Today I'm in a romantic mood and decided to make this collage for you. Sorry for the low quality, this is my first time ever I made such a thing and I'm kinda proud of it. Haha !

For her
1/ Pauker iPhone 4/4S LOVE case - Purple: I found this very nice iPhone case during shopping and didn't buy it because I just purchased another one. I was with my boyfriend and showed him this case saying "hmmm, if you totally had no clue what I would like for Valentine, well now you have". Hopefully he got the hint, lol.
- Price : €29.99
2/ LUSH Tisty Tosty Bath Bombs: I am totally addicted to all the Lush products (except hard shampoo, but i'll tell you later about that) and I recently noticed I never tried the bath bombs! I was like oh my I really need to go now buy some because I heard they're awesome. Since these bath bombs are super romantic and I kind of imagine the smell, I just can't wait to slip in my bath , with my bathroom filled with rose sent and with some relaxation music on ! This is also not expensive at all for a present, maybe that's a good one for you guys to buy to your gf during this economic crisis .. Or just because you went crazy for Christmas, or because you haven't been in a relationship for that long,... Or just as an extra ;) 
- Price : €5.15 / 95g
3/ Swarovski Bracelet & Charms : This is the bracelet I'ld die for !!! It is so romantic, girly, creative and I simply love it !! Swarovski has different bracelets, you can find some for €30 or so and all the little Charms are so cute ! I would love to have a collection of those and just adjust my bracelet for any occasion. This really is a present your girlfriend can wear for every single occasion !
- Price charms : starting from €20
4/ Michael Kors Pave Heart Bangle, Golden : I was looking trough the collection of Michael Kors jewelry and didn't find the european website (prices only in $) but I know you can find MK jewelry in Brussels, so I just kept looking to this super pretty bangle. I think it's lovely to offer for valentine and I think I'll just get it for myself if I don't get it from my bf :) Well, if he gets me the MK bangle, I'll buy the Charms bracelet, so anyways I'm going to get myself a valentine's present. Hahaha, this sounds so weird !
- Price : $55
5/ Michael Kors Crystal Band Ring, Golden : This is my absolute favorite ring ! I love lots of others rings, that I would buy at Forever21 or any other store. But this ring just makes it really serious without having your boyfriend to go bankrupt ! I recommand not asking / buying a ring for your girlfriend until you really are sure she's the one. Because for me, a ring means a lot and has just that emotional story behind it anyways. So this is maybe a present for the long relationships (:
- Price : $75

For him
1/ Abercrombie&Fitch Fierce : I don't think I need to explain why .. Except the fact that my boyfriend is one of those boys who also fell in love with that smell .. Oh! And I did too (: 
- Price : €66 / €92
2/ McAlson Boxershort : I know they also have a valentine's collection but couldn't find it on the internet. These are just super soft and my brother, father, boyfriend and male friends are all addicted to them. They're made like swim pants, with that little 'bag' inside .. Super comfy !
- Price : €32

3/ Pauker iPhone 4/4S Flag/Skull case : Not as romantic as the girls version, but you can find lots of different versions on this page. These cases are super smooth and resistant !
- Price : €29.99
4/ Lush Beach Bars : What do I need to say except A-WE-SOME ! My boyfriend trends to be a little addict to Lush since I initiated him. If your bf isn't that into body care, there's always a beginning!
- Price : €4.98/240 g
5/ Delvaux Key 4 Infinity Loop Keyring : This Delvaux keyring is a super lovely way of make your boyfriend know you want him to carry you around all the time. It's made with high quality leather and is something he'll keep for a super long time !
- Price : €80 / €65 Belgium

Hope you enjoyed this post !
A bientôt les amies 

mercredi 11 janvier 2012

OOTD : chilly weather & quick shopping

Mavi jeans - Carol pink cashmere - vintage black blazer - 
Hermes belt - UGG boots - Gerard Darel purse - 
Beige Cop.Copine scarf & Prada glasses with tiger print inside, rrraaauwrr !
Hi everyone,
Yesterday I went out shopping for my cousin's birthday present.
Since I'm studying all day long, I usually have a sweatpant - t-shirt outfit. Of course, I'm not leaving home like that and I needed to grab some comfortable clothes asap to leave for a quick shopping trip. I chose my favorite blue jeans, from Mavi and paired it with a nice dark salmon pinky warm cashmere top and a blazer, which created a very simple yet pretty look I think. In the rush, I grabbed these new black UGG boots. Comfy look assured ! 

What do you think

Sorry for the quality of the picture but I took it with my cellphone just before leaving my room ! Next time I'll do better, promise !
By the way, my cellphone case is from Pauker (:

A bientôt les amies

mardi 10 janvier 2012

My crazy daily hair routine

Hi everyone,

What's worse than having untamed dry frizzy hair ?
Since I've been dying my hair for about 5 years, with an extra harsh period in the past six months where I went from natural hair color (dark blonde) to brown with a red shine to almost white (u-g-l-y). When I was walking home with that platinum blonde hair, I knew it was the beginning of the HairRevolution!

I washed my hair every four days, because it felt so dry I was scared to dry it out more ! Really, it was that bad . My mother knew she had to save me and gave me the number of her personal hairdresser, who hadn't touched since at least 7 years... When he saw me, I heard a little 'ahhh' slipping out of his mouth .. Yeah, it was thaaat bad ! Thanks God and all the angels, he 'saved' my hair and gave me some really important tricks I needed to do to save my lengths. I'm pleased to share the with you :
1/ Oil : I put some oil on my lenghts every time I'm going to wash my hair. I usually wash them in the morning, so when I wake up I psshit some NUXE Huile Prodigieuse, knot my hair in a dot and go for some breakfast.
2/ Gentle Shampoo : I wash my hair with The Body Shop shampoo, or Garnier Ultra Doux. I love the way my hair 's silky !
3/ After shampoo & Mask : I always use after shampoo, from the Ultra Doux line since I didn't buy a new LUSH Retreat one. I also apply a mask two times a week (I wash my hair every two days) from Le Petit Marseillais, with honey and Seabutter in it. 
4/ Psshiiiiiitt : I use two different hair repair sprays after the shower. One is the Gliss Kur 'Oil Nutritive Wonder-Serum-Spray for long hair' against splits , which I use after having washed my hair. The other one is the Gliss Kur 'Total Repair Wonder-Serum-Spray for dry hair', which I use every other day.
5/ Maybe one of the most important things is to drink no less than 1,5l of water every day. I find it hard to check that amount out, because it's also no good idea to drink too much, because that will make your reins overwork. I therefore bought little 0.5l of water and drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon (I also drink after having eaten, never during the meal and never past 7pm !). Because we all try to be eco-responsible, I suggest to buy glass bottles. These are better for the environment & are also better for your health, because the plastic ones leave some residues in the water and you don't want them to impact on your organism. So drink water, but glass bottled water !
6/ Brushing: Don't use dryers, don't iron your hair, or curl it . Just let your hair dry by itself, that's the best for them ! And if you reaaaally need to iron it for any special occasion, please use a heat protector ! I use the Provost 'Expert Protection'.
7/ Vitamins : I started taking vitamins for my hair two weeks ago. I did it because it was really necessary. Nevertheless, I think it's always better to eat healthy and let your organism work without taking those vitamins. I also know vitamins are bad for our reins, because again, they have to work more to clean up your body with all the exceeding nutrients. I'll stop using them after this cure ;)
8/ Avocado : Since I really want my hair to grow out, I've been making a DIY-mask. It's one with avocado, eggs, honey and olive oil. I'll post the receipt and some pictures later on ! I put it on my hair the night before washing it (Saturday night for Sunday morning), wrap my hair in plastic folio and just sleep on it. My hair is super silky and smooth afterwards and avocado is just perfect if you want your hair to grow faster !
9/ Cut your splits : Even if you're growing out your hair, just do it ! My hairdresser just gave me that tip and really, it's so damn true! Go cut your hair every 6 weeks, but just let 1 à 2 cm be cut. It helps your hair to stay healthy and it will grow faster.
What is your hair routine ? Any DIY-masks to share or products ?

A bientôt les amies